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     Real Time Peer to Peer Server Less Chat     

Technologies : Javascript, HTML, Angular, PeerJs, WebRTC

Features : Share the peer key to your friend and start to chat with your friend without worrying about security as it directly transmit data, audio, video feeds directly your friend compyter with the help of WebRTC protocol

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/server-less-chat

Project Link : https://server-less.vishalpandey.xyz/

     Twitter Sentiment Analysis     

Technologies : Javascript, Python, Machine Learning, HTML, NLTK, Scikit Learn, FLASK

Features : Type any keyword in the search field and the app will fetch recent 100 tweets and analyse it and present a report to you

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/twitter-sentiment-analysis

Project Link : https://twitter.vishalpandey.co.in/

     Real Time Face Detection     

Technologies : Javascript, Python, Machine Learning, Face Api, HTML, YoLo

Features : It detects the face in the real time video feed and outline landmarks on the face and tries to gess the mood the person

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/real-time-face-detection/

Project Link : https://face.vishalpandey.co.in/

     Hand Written Digit Recognition     

Technologies : Python, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Decision Tree Calssifier, keras, scikit learn

Features : Write any digit between 0 to 9 in the box, the trained model will guess the digit you written. Hosted on AWS with django

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/mnist-ann

Project Link : https://ann.vishalpandey.xyz/

     IOT Demo     

Technologies : Python, PHP, Javascript, Angular, Raspberry Pi

Features : Demonstration of the live working of the IOT, the physical device of this project is also made of raspberry pi. The code is present on the github you can implement for yourself very easily.

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/iotdemo

Project Link : https://iotdemo.vishalpandey.xyz/

     Nav Nirman     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Features : Website for a business of GFRC . Build for the online presence of the Business

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/navnirman.co

Project Link : http://www.navnirman.co/

     RVS Institute     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Bootsrap, Jquery, Python, Javascript

Features : Complete Front End And Back End Of the website from scratch. Login Sign Up Payment Gateway Integration, SMS Integration,Student database, Study Material Management system, Custom Admin Panel, Student Dashboard

Github Link : https://www.github.com/vishal-pandey

Project Link : http://www.rvsinstitute.com/

     Saraswati Edu Hub     

Technologies : HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, PHP, MySql

Features : Complete Front End And Back End Of Website LogIn Sign Up script ..Admin Panel.

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/saraswatieduhub.com//

Project Link : http://www.saraswatieduhub.com/

     Vidhan Journal     

Technologies : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, MySql.

Features : A Website For a Research Journal Certified by UGC Custom Back End Admin Panel,Slider, Google Map, Image Slider.

Github Link : https://www.github.com/vishal-pandey

Project Link : http://www.vidhanjournal.org/

     Sikkim Mountains     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Bootstrap, Jquery

Features : Online Booking Of Packages of tour created by Company Owner.HTML5 CSS Bootstrap jQuery Animate.css

Github Link : https://www.github.com/vishal-pandey/

Project Link : http://www.sikkimmountains.com/

     My Volunteer     

Technologies : WordPress

Features : Volunteering Service Startup Website

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/myvolunteer.in

Project Link : http://myvolunteer.in/

     JSP Project     

Technologies : JSP (Java Server Pages)

Features : Basic JSP programs to run on tomcat server

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/jsp

Project Link : https://jsp.vishalpandey.xyz/

     Computer Graphics Project     

Technologies : JavaScript

Features : JavaScript Emplementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/graphics

Project Link : https://graphics.vishalpandey.xyz/

     Web Scrapping     

Technologies : Python

Features : Searching All Links on internet using webscrapping

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/search

Project Link : https://search.vishalpandey.xyz

     Gifts Boutiq     

Technologies : Angular, TypeScript

Features : Angular Based Ecommerce application platform

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/giftsboutiq.com

Project Link : https://giftsboutiq.vishalpandey.xyz

     Programming Club     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, Jquery

Features : Website for the GBU CODE WEEK an event organised by the Programming club of the gbu.

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/programming-club/

Project Link : https://vishal-pandey.github.io/programming-club/

     Blog | VishalPandey     

Technologies : TypeScript, Angular, Wordpress

Features : Angular and Wordpress based blogging platform

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/vishalpandeyblog

Project Link : https://blog.vishalpandey.xyz/

     GBU Social Service Club     

Technologies : TypeScript, Angular

Features : Website for GBU Social Service Club

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/gbussc

Project Link : https://www.gbusocialserviceclub.com/

     CBTS (Computer Based Test Series)     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, Jquery, Python, Angular

Features : Online test system

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/cbts.in

Project Link : https://www.cbts.in/