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     Real Time Peer to Peer Server Less Chat     

Technologies : Javascript, HTML, Angular, PeerJs, WebRTC

Features : Share the peer key to your friend and start to chat with your friend without worrying about security as it directly transmit data, audio, video feeds directly your friend compyter with the help of WebRTC protocol

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/server-less-chat

Project Link : https://server-less-chat.vishalpandey.co.in/

     Real Time Object Detection     

Technologies : Javascript, Python, Machine Learning, HTML, YoLo

Features : Real-Time Object Detection Using HTML CSS JavaScript run in the browser, use it yourself and give me feedback.

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/real-time-face-detection/

Project Link : https://object-detection.vishalpandey.co.in/

     Tetris Game     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Features : 9999 Brick Game Tetris made using just only HTML CSS JavaScript

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/tetris

Project Link : https://tetris.vishalpandey.co.in/

     Car Racing (9999 Brick Game)     

Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Features : Car Racing Brick Game developed just made using HTML CSS and JavaScript

Github Link : https://github.com/vishal-pandey/9999-brick-game-car-racing

Project Link : https://car-racing.vishalpandey.co.in/